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About Us

      Originally founded by Pete Switzer of the once great Pete's Tobacco, our non-profit "The Inner Sanctum" was one of the few places Alaskan cigar aficionados could enjoy a stick year round.  Although Pete's may no longer be around, the non-profit lounge still lives after all these years.  After a temporary closing for a much needed remodel, we anticipate a grand return this May to our beloved Alaskan cigar community. We will be branding as Lounge On 5th moving forward to reflect this next evolution in our story. We appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received through this time period. 

      Although Pete's may no longer be around, 5th Avenue Cigars has taken up his mantle. We here at the Lounge On 5th were able to secure a generous Membership Affiliate Program for our members to enjoy perks, discounts, and other benefits. This is to show how grateful we are to those who have supported us through this arduous process, and those who join in and support us going forward. We are truly thankful, and for this we hope to present to Anchorage a remodeled and updated cigar lounge that is not only impressive by Alaskan standards, but one that will be recognized on a national level. We believe the wait will have been worth it, and we are confident our members will feel the same. 

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