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  • Where can I find a copy of the Code Of Conduct or Bylaws?
    Once you have signed up for membership, they are available in your account profile on this website. They are also posted in a place of prominence in the lounge itself and copies are available upon request to any current member.
  • How do I become a member?
    Every prospective member will have to fill out our membership application. Each application is reviewed by ownership in the order it is received.
  • How do I get a membership application?
    Simply sign up for membership on our website. After we review your details we will invite you to the lounge to furnish you with your access card and the Code Of Conduct
  • Do you sell cigars or tobacco products?
    No, a member has access to the lounge and its facilities, but we are not a retail store. We have arranged for our members to receive discount through an affiliate program with 5th Avenue Cigars. 5th Avenue Cigars, and Lounge on 5th are in the same building.
  • How long are membership terms?
    Typically we would say no less than a month. The lounge is restricted, by law, to members only. That being said, we do realize that Alaska has a unique on/off shift culture related mostly to the north slope, so we offer a Slope Level membership on our website. If this still does not fit your needs it is best to contact us and we will be happy to work with you as much as we are able. We do our best to accommodate unique situations.
  • How much does it cost?
    Monthly dues start at $60 per month, or $650 annually. There are many membership options, each with their own unique perks .
  • Can I bring a friend/wife/kids?
    Unfortunately, no you may not. Visitors and guests are not allowed. Access to the lounge is restricted to members only. Members of the the lounge are issued a membership keycard. The lounge is for card holders only, no exceptions. This keycard is unique to each member, and violations of this law (not company policy... law) are subject to forfeiture of the remainder of their membership contract, and potential blacklisting.
  • Can I have a tour?
    Visitors and guests are not allowed. Access to the lounge is restricted to members only. We do our best to accommodate showings, and explanations of what membership entails. Unfortunately there is no "trial period". Exposure to secondhand smoke (and smoking in general) for non-members is strictly regulated by the State and Anchorage Municipality.
  • There are no membership spots available, now what?
    Still apply. Once the member spots are full, applications are retained for one year (in order). Applicants are contacted for newly opened membership spots in the order with which they applied, and given 48hrs to reply. If they do not respond we go on to the next, and so on... until the vacancy is filled.
  • Can I rent the space for an event?
    Yes. The space is available for private parties and/or events. There are restrictions to availability and you may not smoke in our lounge unless everyone attending your event is a member (including you). Please contact us for details.
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